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10 Ideas to Attract Clients in Law

10 Ideas to Attract Clients in Law

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Attracting clients is one of the main concerns of most law firms, since this is one of the best ways to ensure the business growth and financial viability. There are many ways to attract new clients. Let’s list ten practical and simple ways that can be immediately applied in any law firm.

1st idea – Get in touch with your inactive clients and send them a message, suggesting new services that they may need. Remember this sales slogan: “search for new clients to your products and new products for your clients”.

2nd idea – Ask your relatives, friends and other people for future possible clients and create some sort of “prize” to who referred a client, a prize with relatively low price like a personal agenda.

3rd idea – Develop partnerships with professionals from fields related to your office and exchange client’s data or send mail to clients of both offices. For example, develop a partnership with an accounting office. There are lots of other possibilities.

4th idea – Don’t lose an opportunity to use your business card.

5th idea – Enroll in associations, groups and communities created by your target clients. For example, a law firm can attract many clients with an actively participation in commercial associations, employer’s trade unions and other businessman gathering associations.

6th idea – Create workshops for your target client’s groups and associations on topical subjects, with a simple language and with few law terms.

7th idea – Publish interesting articles for your target public.

8th idea – Create a blog about the office’s services, with relevant articles and subjects to your target clients. E-mail with the blog link to all your clients in a personal and individual way. And ask them to spread the word about the blog to their friends and other people of the same work field. Here the use of social network is definitely also relevant.

9th idea – Create a Website with relevant content for all your clients. For example, a law firm focused on employment law can create a set of tips so that the companies can avoid employment law suits and therefore unnecessary expenses. Send your website to your clients and spread it through sponsored links and articles published on the Internet.

10th idea – Press releases with tips, curiosities and news of public interest about your field (in, for example, www.allforlawyers.com). This action can create press and promote your office’s name. This and others techniques should be used always accordingly to the Bar Association ethical rules.

Taking all these actions, together or individually, and with adaption to the office and to businessman’s profile of every area, will certainly bring new business possibilities; but it will also demand a pro-active attitude from the lawyer in the implementation of all these tips.

Remember that: “There is only business with clients and there is only clients if we attract them to us!”

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